Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's Talk Breast Lift-Augmentation Combination

Some of you who are interested in a breast lift augmentation, may be asking yourselves is it safe to have an augmentation and a breast lift at the same time? According to Luxxery Cosmetic Medical Boutique, the technology of breast implants and lifts has come a long way to improvement from decades ago. Plastic surgeons have enveloped newer techniques for breast lift options, as well as, "natural breast augmentation" such as lipo-transfer or fat transfer.

"Combination breast lift and augmentation is one of the most commonly requested procedures by my patients and the most routinely performed in my practice," says board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hakki.

Dr. Hakki has no problem doing a breast enhancement and lift in the same session. He uses fat injections to achieve the ideal breast lift-augmentation for patients who are good candidates for this kind of cosmetic surgery procedure and do not desire implants. Fat transfers are meant for patients that only need up to a one-cup increase in size. Fat injections allow the breasts to be shaped by injecting fat in the necessary places, therefore creating a shapelier, perkier bust.

For 30 years, Dr. Hakki has been performing these two procedures together. Though the level of difficulty is greater, Dr. Hakki prefers to do both procedures in one session. In his experience, the results turn out great with a low risk rate. Most patients rather have the one operation mainly for the convenience, safety, and not to mention that the cost is cheaper to have the two in one approach rather than two separate surgeries.

The technique for breast lift augmentation is different for every individual. Dr. Hakki places his breast implants sub-muscular, or if he uses the fat transfer technique, he typically uses 500 cc's to the areas needed to enhance the breast size.

When breast implants or injections are not enough to lift the breast, several techniques can be used depending on the individuals needs. If the breast is hardly droopy an implant alone may be sufficient or a per-oral or crescent lift incision. If the breast needs a minor lift a Q lift or lollipop lift technique is used during the implant procedure. If the breast are completely drooping a full breast lift or inverted T technique is necessary.

If you are interested in getting a combination breast lift-augmentation, contact a board-certified plastic surgery doctor in your area and arrange a consultation at your convenience.