Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Shave for a 5 O'Clock Shadow

As men, we all know that one of the best ways to attract a woman is with a good 5 o'clock shadow. Awhile back, I was actually watching a very popular TV show where a pickup artist was being interviewed. He said that women, "... love facial hair, because it's manly, and they love to touch it." Of course, if you're like me, you know that there is a fine line between having facial hair, and having out of control monkey-like fur growing all over your face. Today, I want to teach you how to shave for a 5 o'clock shadow, step-by-step.

Before we begin, you first need to be capable of having a 5 o'clock shadow, and if I'm being completely honest, some guys just can't pull it off. For me, my beard grows somewhat in patches, so I will never be able to get the best results. Therefore, the first step in shaving for a 5 o'clock shadow is determining whether or not you can have one in the first place.

1. Is a 5 o'clock shadow right for you?

Does your beard grow in patches, or does it grow full? For me, I'm somewhat in between, and am just able to pull off the 5 o'clock shadow look. Adam Levine, singer for Maroon 5, has one of the best 5 o'clock shadows that you're ever going to see. That's the first question you need to ask yourself. Are you capable of pulling this off?

2. Find the right grooming tool for your beard.

There are so many products available. The key is to find a product that has received great reviews. Once you've found an electric shaver with good reviews, you're going to want to be sure that it comes with the proper attachments. Most shavers come with a length setting of '1,' '2,' and '3'. Depending on how noticeable you want your shadow to be, you're going to want to choose the proper length setting.

3. Choose the proper length setting for your beard.

The higher the number, the longer your hairs are going to be, and the more your shadow will show. If you have a really patchy beard, I recommend choosing a higher number, as this will create a full, 5 o'clock shadow look. If you have a full beard, which means that you have more hairs per square inch, then feel free to choose a smaller number.

4. Shave gently, before you shower.

With an electric razor, you always want to shave dry, and shave gently. That's why I recommend choosing a good brand razor. Once you've shaved, you can take a shower, wash your face, and if necessary, apply any topical acne treatment that you may be using.