Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Proven Ways to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a condition that affects millions around the world. It strikes anybody, regardless of your age and gender. There are about 200 types of arthritis with osteoarthritis being the most common among affected individuals. Rheumatoid arthritis is the 2nd most common form of arthritis. There is presently no cure for arthritis. However, it is possible to relieve the symptoms by using these 4 proven ways.

1. Lose Weight

If you are fat, I would suggest that you start losing some weight to reduce the pressure on your weight-bearing joints like your knees and hips. There are many ways to lose weight. However, the most effective way to lose weight is by controlling your diet. Reduce your carbohydrate intake, and take more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fibre which will make you feel full faster. Besides that, it contains a lot of beneficial vitamins like antioxidants, along with minerals which can help reduce joint inflammations.

The main reason behind your weight gain is due to excessive carbohydrate intake. When there are excessive carbohydrates in your body which are not burned to provide energy, they will be converted to fats which are deposited on your body, resulting in weight gain. This explains why limiting your carbohydrate intake is the key to successful weight loss.

2. Exercise

Most arthritis patients are afraid to exercise due to their fear of sustaining injuries. However, studies have shown that simple flexibility exercises can be very good for maintaining joint function and preventing muscle wastage due to inactivity.

So, what are flexibility exercises? They are simple stretching exercises that can be performed without the supervision of healthcare professionals. Therefore, you can do them at the comfort of your home and at any time of the day.

In fact, it is highly recommended for you to do them before and after any physical exercise sessions to reduce the odds of getting an injury while exercising.

3. Diet

The Arthritic Association recommends a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and natural products for arthritis patients. Therefore, try to include these food items as much as possible in your diet to reduce your arthritic symptoms.

Consider supplementing your diet with arthritis supplements like Provailen because it helps to fill the nutritional gap in your diet and ensure that your joints are well-nourished.

Avoid taking food items like chocolates, spices, herbs and diary products because they tend to aggravate your condition.

4. Rest

Having adequate rest is important for your overall health. Getting a good sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily will ensure that your joints are well rested and reduce any form of inflammation.